The Basic Structure for a Contact Sheet/#Connected Classes Session

  1. Choose a ‘big’ question that will provide the umbrella theme for the sessions.
  2. Choose a piece of content, either a podcast or short film that is approximately twenty minutes in total length for the first session that addresses an aspect of your ‘big’ question.
  3. Ensure that all of your students have a Twitter account.
  4. Decide upon a hashtag for the sessions that is short and unique to your classes.
  5. Begin the session by informing the students of the chosen hashtag, that they are not to take any traditional notes and that all of their notes must be tweeted using the hashtag.
  6. Inform the students that if they wish to to stop the content at any point or repeat an aspect of the content that they must raise their hand.
  7. After the twenty minute session during which the students have viewed, listened to and tweeted about the content let them take a twenty minute coffee break.
  8. During the break use the Storify platform ( ) to search the hash-tagged tweets to identify themes, potential discussion points and concerns students have voiced through their tweeted notes. Once the Storify has been compiled publish the narrative.
  9. Project the published Storify page to the students as a group after their break, indicating the themes and issues you have identified encouraging discussion and debate.
  10. Encourage students to use this discussion and their tweeted observations to help answer the ‘big’ question. Develop this discussion to a point at which the students are prepared to suggest content for the following week’s session to further help them answer that question.
  11. After the session has been completed return to the published Storify page and enrich the narrative with suggested content such as films, websites, articles and images that respond to and address the identified themes and issues.
    Re-publish the Storify narrative and alert the students to the new enriched page for them to further develop their learning and research independently in advance of the following week’s session.
  12. Choose content for the following week’s session and repeat the process.


Contact Sheet/#Connected Classes Session Storify Examples
These examples were created over a three week period whilst this project was in it’s Beta phase. Please use them as a template for how an initial tweet only based narrative e can be curated and how an enriched narrative responds to the identified themes and issues.


Finding Content
The content you choose to show or play is essential in acting as a foundation or each session. A starting point for discussion and an instigator of questioning that will lead the students on a personal and group journey in responding to the umbrella question.

Where you choose to access this content from is your decision but there are three main approaches to choosing your content that you may wish to consider.

  1. From a personal archive.
  2. Creating content specifically for your classes.
  3. From an existing third party source such as YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes.

If you are thinking of focusing your classes directly on the issues of anxiety, lack of confidence and fear of failure you can find suggested content for these under or Films section.

If you are looking for films and podcasts that deal with photography then we recommend visiting

Some of our collaborators within the #ConnectedClasses project created their own content and some worked with their students to create content, their are no rules as to what kind of content you choose to use or where it comes from. Each #ConnectedClass is a bespoke experience created upon the basic structure as outlined above.