#ConnectedClasses Stage 2 is GO!


Last Thursday I staged the beginning of the second iteration of the #ConnectedClasses project with Level 5 students within an existing module titled Professional Practice. This was the same group of students whom I worked with on the first iteration of the project earlier this year within a module titled Personal Portfolio.

As the students were already aware of the #ConnectedClasses process the second iteration has required little explanation and felt from both the students and from my perspective a perfectly normal pedagogic approach to aid them in answering the umbrella question I had set for these sessions.

As with the first iteration the students embraced the Twitter aspect of the process fully and as a result strong themes evolved quickly and clearly. I have yet to fully explore these with a view to developing a considered research response but on initial inspection themes previously explored through the process have re-appeared as has the feeling of a shared experience. The word ‘passion’ dominates the tweets and this is something that I will be exploring in more depth through one-to-one discussions over future weeks.

You can view the curated Tweets as part of an enriched Storify responding to issues raised at https://storify.com/unofphoto/connectedclasses-stage-2

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